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Child and Adolescent Coaching

Coaching can be an individual or collaborative process.  Whether it is working 1 to 1 with your child, wholistically with the family or collaboratively with a school, together we can decide what will best meet your child’s needs.

Kids and Teens

Working directly with coach in a 1 on 1 setting, face-to-face or online. Learn more


Individual or whole class coaching.  Prof. Development:  Coaching skills in the classroom. Learn more


Parent & child relationship coaching or whole family coaching. Learn more

Special Needs

ADHD and learning disabilities coaching. Learn more


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What is Kid and Teen coaching?

Coaching Kids – Often younger children do not have the vocabulary to communicate their needs, thoughts, and feelings, therefore, part of the coaching process involves developing a language of self-expression. With the use of play, art, storytelling and physical movement, children learn to identify what is important to them, how to re-think their choices, how to communicate and act on feelings more effectively, and how to build healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Coaching Teenagers – Working with teens is often about helping them find their voice,  guiding them towards healthy self-expression, building self-accountability measures, and obtaining the skills to communicate so others will listen. Social and societal pressures are prolific in adolescence; therefore, coaching can help teenagers develop filters towards external influences, manage social media, evaluate relationships, and identify boundaries, helping them make healthy, proactive choices. 


What is Family Coaching

Like in many relationships, sometimes support is needed to strengthen bonds and improve communication. Coaching allows family members to share and listen without judgment or agendas, develop an understanding of each other’s needs, and identify how relationships can be collaboratively improved.   By finding common ground and compassion for one another, families can take responsibility for their part in the relationship and collectively agree on a plan for positive change.


What is School Coaching

School coaching can be another support for student well-being or a valuable resource for social-emotional development curriculum. Students in need of support can be coached 1 to 1, in small groups or collectively with an entire class.  Much of school coaching is about learning to become self-responsible and building essential communication, problem-solving, self-advocacy, collaboration, goal-setting and implementing skills.

Professional Development: Coaching skills and a coaching growth mindset are invaluable tools in the classroom for they not only improve teacher-student relations but also increase student success and improve the overall classroom environment. 


What is ADHD & Learning Disability Coaching

ADHD and learning disabilities often become most pronounced in school because  a child may learn or function differently.  If not embraced and nurtured, these diversities take a toll on a young person’s self-esteem and their relationships.  Coaching helps kids and teens better understand themselves, identify how they function and learn best, focus on their strengths and learn effective methods to support their development and learning.  They also develop a voice of self-advocacy, to help them effectively communicate their life and learning to the outside world.


The Coaching Process (8 sessions)


Explore who the client is, where the client is at and where they want to go.

Action Plan

Utilise strengths, build practical life skills and implement a solution-based action plan for positive change.


Analyse and reflect on the coaching journey. Collaborate and adjust plan for continued improvement.

Next steps

Conclude the coaching journey incorporating family or school support, tools, and future plan for long term success.

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